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Hydroponics is the easy way to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers indoors, all year long with out the need for soil or natural sunlight. Whether you are a professional hydroponics gardener or indoor gardening hobbyist, Boyer Indoor Gardening offers unique hydroponics supplies to help you grow bigger, better and more productive plants.In recent years hydroponics has increased in popularity…and for good reason! Hydroponics allows you to grow plants with little or no pesticide just about anywhere, indoors or out. Hydroponics - which literally means "water working" in Latin - is simply growing plants in something other than soil and supplying all of the nutrition the plants need through the nutrient solution. Most growers utilize hydroponics indoors by creating an environment optimal for plant growth. Having the right combination of light, temperature, water, CO2, oxygen, pH and nutrients is essential and Boyer Indoor Gardening Hydroponics superior selection of hydroponic supplies and grow lights can help you achieve maximum results. Most hobby hydroponic gardens are less work than soil gardens because you do not have soil to till or weeds to pull. By eliminating the soil in a garden, you eliminate all soil borne disease.A hydroponic garden uses a fraction of the water that a soil garden does because no water is wasted or consumed by weeds.In hydroponics, plant spacing can be intensive, allowing you to grow more plants in a given space than soil grown produce. A small hydroponic garden can be set up almost anywhere. By providing the exact nutrients your plants need, they will grow more rapidly and produce bigger yields. In studies it has been proven that hydroponic produce is higher in nutritional value than field grown crops. Hydroponic produce generally tastes better than field-grown produce. If you are growing indoors or in a greenhouse, you can grow your hydroponic plants on a year-round basis.

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